Brenda Bufalino's "Dancing Her Dance In Another Persons Dream"

Excerpt From Cadence Magazine review by Steven Loewy:

"Tap dancers with a strong Jazz orientation are a rarity these days so it is a pleasure to hear BRENDA BUFALINO'S upbeat, joyous celebration of her art ... Bufalino wrote most of the pieces ... and she fully exploits the light but effective instrumentation (Bufalino, voice, taps, concertina; Joe Fonda, bass; Cary DeNigris, guitar; Mark Josefsberg, vibes.) Bufalino describes Joe Fonda as a long-time collaborator and he adds a depth and sophistication both as an ensemble player and as a soloist. Bufalino's greatest strengths are her dance steps, with their excellent sense of rhythm; and her style, with a near perfect sense of timing. She alternates between singing and speaking, and although her voice has occasional difficulties with intonation, it compensates with a maturity that infuses her art with a deep sense of life and emotion. Often she defers to the trio of vibes, guitar and bass (an instrumentation that she says in the liners she always wished to use with her taps,) who present a delightful, swinging backdrop. Bufalino adds humor to her lyrics and her original words are rarely trite. Her "Night Cry" is described as a solo looped improvisation, but it is hardly as radical as it appears, although the fancy footwork fuels the vocals. The unique vocal on Irving Berlin's "Always" is beguilingly subtle, but it is the slow-motion version of "Tea For Two" that takes the cake."

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Brenda Bufalino's "Love at First Sight"


Rinato Sellani, Massimo Moriconi, and Brenda Bufalino in one short morning created this spontaneous recording of Piano, Bass and Taps in a studio in Milan, Italy. With "one take" improvisations, these three musicians work together almost by telepathy ... sensitive to each others every nuance. This recording is as electrifying as a live performance. The taps create melodies as well as percussion. Sometimes the rhythms and harmonies are so delicate they are like a whisper or an embrace.

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Joe Fonda's "From the Source"

Brenda Bufalino taps out the score to bassist Joe Fonda's compositions, sings an original piece dedicated to her partner and mentor the lateCharles Honi Coles, and narrates one of her poems from Gertrude's Nose a Tap Opera. "During this session we bridge the gap that exists between the dance world and the music world by making our dancer (Brenda Bufalino) an equal part of our ensemble. She was incorporated into the collective group for her sounds, her rhythms, her tones, her time and her music - not for her visual presence which historically has so often been the reason for bringing musicians and dancers together. Here we come together as equals." Joe Fonda Also featured on this recording are musicians Anthony Braxton (Alto Saxophone, F Saxophone, Sopranino, Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet & Flute), Herb Robertson (Trumpet & Pocket Trumpet), Vickie Dodd (Vocals), and Grisha Alexiev (Percussion).

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