If you are serious about having fun with tap and improving your skills, these are the tapes you need. Imagine! A chance to be taught by tap legend Brenda Bufalino! These tapes are the closest thing to getting private lessons from Brenda in your own home. If you have questions about which tape is right for you, email brenda at and she will respond to you personally.

Brenda Bufalino's "Tap Intensive 1"

Vernacular Movement and the Time Step with Variations (1) Dancing the Swing and Charleston without taps sets the body in motion and fills it with rhythm before metal ever hits the floor. (2) the time step is the most familiar figure in tap dance as well as the most misunderstood. Understanding its rhythm and musical structure becomes a foundation as well as a lasting tool in a tap dancer's vocabulary.

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

Brenda Bufalino's "Tap Intensive 2"

B.S. Chorus / Old Soft Shoe Chorus (1) A traditional chorus that includes the Bill Robinson Time Step, "Cross" and "Wing" Steps, "Over the Tops", and "Trenches". This flash chorus, though often executed in an offhand manner, includes figures and manipulations which are essential to the creations ofperiod routines. (2) This lovely chorus, though deceptively simple and often executed by Honi Coles & the Copasetics in a comic fashion, is a dance of graceful movement & beautiful rhythmic patterns.

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

Brenda Bufalino's "Tap Intensive 3"

Improvisation and Afro-Cuban tp Bop (1) Structures and themes for improv; working on a groove, trading eights and scat / talking with your feet. Through improvisation we compose. (2) Afro-Cuban movement working off the Mambo to phrase patterns using the whole body. The Bop tap section builds a long phrase working over the bar with contemporary syncopation and manipulations.

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

Brenda Bufalino's "Double Time Series"
For All Levels

This video tape offers over FOUR choruses of double time figures that can be incorporated into compositions, improvisations, or as a dance in themselves. Ms. Bufalino developed this variety of patterns through and beyond the paddle and roll, to include crawls and unusual manipulations that create pictures as well as rhythms. Patterns are broken down carefully to help the dancer develop clear articulations, aswell as speed.

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

Brenda Bufalino's "Where the Action Is"
For Advanced Level

Ms. Bufalino demonstrates how to execute taps efficiently and how to create a beautiful clear tone. Taking the action from the hip releases the foot and enables the dancer to develop speed and accuracy in a relaxed fashion. This sets the groove for rhythm tap dancing. Included on the tape are "shuffles scales", "triplet shuffle continuations", break downs for small footwork, the "paddle and roll", three of Bufalino's twelve "double time" figures, and more!

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

Brenda Bufalino's "St. Valentine's Day waltz"
For Intermediate / Advanced

(1) There is the tempo, there is the rhythm and there is the groove. The figures for the waltz created during this l997 workshop are expressed at a bright tempo in a syncopated 3/4 rhythm in an African Waltz groove. Patterns are created that may be elongated, separated or repeated to create a complete dance in 3/4 time. (2) The "Bufalino Wing" exercise can be used as a figure in a composition or an exercise that strengthens and lifts the body. The "Bufalino Wing" is a new manipulation to include in the dancers vocabulary, offering a visual as well as rhythmical pattern. (3) The American Tap Dance Orchestra performs "Cool Bird" , a waltz in the same groove and tempo which has been included on the tape. "Cool Bird" was created by Ms. Bufalino for the ATDO in l990. & demonstrates orchestral arrangements with layered rhythms that personify Ms. Bufalino's tap compositions.

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

Legends of Tap

Vintage Lecture Demonstration:

Charles "Honi" Coles
Charles "Cokie" Cook
Leslie "Bubba" Gaines

35 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

American Landscape (Part 1)

Featuring Brenda Bufalino & American Tap Dance Orchestra, the American Landscape is an epic work that uses the sound of taps combined with original scores created by Choreographer Brenda Bufalino. Blended with this organic landscape is the melodic and poetic voice of American composer Hoagy Carmichael. Together they create the rhythmic, tonal and essence vibrations of our mountains, valleys, animals and rivers. The American Landscape was presented by the ATDO on tour from 1991-1993 and received rave reviews across the country and abroad! Part One includes pieces such as "Stardust" and "Skylark" celebrating the land and its habitats, and a quintessential Carmichael suite entitled "Sing Me a Swing Song & Let Me Dance." Also included is the ATDO's classic a capella piece "The Buffalo Suite", and solos by Brenda Bufalino, and ATDO members. Frank Kimbrough on piano, Joe Fonda on bass, and Pat Tortorici on vocals.

60 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

American Landscape (Part 2)

Part Two includes other pieces such as "The Turtle Suite" composed by Ms. Bufalino, Carmichael's classic "Rive boat Shuffle",and numerous solos by individual artists within the company. Frank Kimbrough on piano, Joe Fonda on Bass, and Pat Tortorici on vocals.

60 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

ATDO in Performance

Filmed live in performance at the home of the ATDO: Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center in 1991. Ensemble choreography by Artistic Director Brenda Bufalino, this intimately filmed performance gives the viewer a birds eye view of Bufalino's intricate choreography as well as glimpses of the individual styles of soloists: Neil Applebaum, Barbara Duffy, Margaret Morrison, Robin Tribble & Tony Waag. .

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

Cantata and the Blues

A video portrait of Brenda Bufalino's one women show at the Ballroom - New York City. .

45 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $55.00

Someone Stole the Baby

A documentary on Brenda Bufalino and the American Tap Dance Orchestra. .

25 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00

Great Feats of Feet

A classic documentary exploring the tradition of jazz & tap dance, the essence that sets it uniquely apart from other dance forms, featuring The Copasetics. Each featured dancer speaks of his life and his art, revealing creative spirit and individuality that have personified each artistthrough their long careers. A collector's item to be treasured. Filmed in 1975-76.

120 Minutes, On 1 DVD       Price: $75.00

Talks & Taps With Honi Coles

Brenda interviews Honi in l980, where he discusses and demonstrates with her vernacular tap steps and his many contributions to the tap dance art form. Excerpts from the Coles and Bufalino l978 concert "Sounds in Motion" include their danced duets as well as their television performance upon returning from a tour of Europe. This 50 minute DVD includes rare, unseen and archival footage of the tap genius Charles "Honi" Coles, assembled by his dear friend, partner and collaborator, Brenda Bufalino.

50 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00


"TAPESTRY," the ground breaking and classic 30 minute a capella duet choreographed by Brenda Bufalino in l980, is performed by her with her partner at the time, Pat Giordano. "TAPESTRY" is one of the first extended tap works choreographed for the concert stage. It is filled with subtlety, complexity, dynamic changes, innovation and precision. A danced musical composition.

30 Minutes, on DVD       Price: $45.00